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Do's & Do Not's When Visiting Your Barber

9 Barbershop Etiquette Rules You Need To Know

When you visit your barber, it’s important to understand barbershop etiquette. A haircut is a simple process. Showing courtesy and excellent manners will prevent the simple haircut from getting complicated.

Your barber is an essential resource for your style. He understands your hair better than anyone else. You must treat him well. A healthy barber-customer relationship is important. If you think getting a haircut is complicated, then you need to think about why it is that way. To help you, we have a list of barbershop rules to enhance your hair cutting experience.

Arrive On Time

A gentleman is punctual. When you make an appointment, arrive at least five minutes early. Your barber will get frustrated if you arrive late. It’s inconsiderate since your barber has other customers that have made appointments. If he’s cutting your hair when the next appointment begins, it could annoy his next customer. If you’re running late, give the barber shop a call. Let them know you’ll arrive a few minutes late. But the simplest way to maintain a great relationship with your barber is to arrive on time.

Show Up With Clean Hair

You need to make sure your hair is clean before you head to your appointment. Wash out all gunk in your hair, and keep the hat off until after you get your haircut. A messy head of hair can prevent a barber from cutting your hair properly. This is sometimes easy to forget, so schedule your appointment after you’ve showered.

Have and Idea Of The Haircut You Want

Before you sit in the barber’s chair, you should know the exact haircut you want. Great barbers are busy men that don’t have time to wait for you to make a decision. If you have a hard time explaining what style you want, bring in a picture. A visual aid will help the barber make sure you get the right haircut.

He’s the Barber, Not You

One way to irritate your barber is to tell him how to cut your hair. Barbers have gone through a lot of training, and have mastered their craft from cutting hair every day.  Remember that he’s the expert, not you. How would you feel if someone not qualified told you how to do your job? Let him do what he’s good at, and enjoy the experience.

Show Patience

An excellent barber does not rush a haircut. Some hairstyles take more time than others. Do not rush him. Excellent barbers are also busy barbers. The person before you may be pickier about their hair. Understand the value of a great haircut; it takes time to do it right.

Don’t Move Your Head

Moving your head will frustrate your barber and could ruin your dream hairstyle. If you move your head, the barber can make a mistake that’s unfixable. This will create a bad experience for you and your barber. For some, it’s hard to stay still but do your best. When the barber asks you a yes or no question, make sure you state “yes” or “no” instead of nodding your head.

Stay Off Your Phone

Show some courtesy to your barber and stay off your phone. You will constantly move your arms and hands if you’re on it. This constant movement prevents a barber from doing his job, and it could cause him to make a mistake. You will survive without being on your phone for twenty minutes.

Have Conversation

Don’t be afraid to talk to your barber. They enjoy the conversation. Of course, you should not get too personal or over-do-it. To them, most of the conversations fall into the small talk category. You should figure out common interests; then you will know what to talk about the next time you visit.


As a gentleman and a decent human being, you must tip your barber. Most people tip fifteen to twenty-percent for a haircut. We encourage you to tip as much as you like. If you thought your barber did an excellent job, tip him twenty-five to thirty percent or more. A tip represents how much you like your haircut. Also, if you tip, your barber will likely give you special treatment when you come in for next haircut.

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