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Who is Mitch Fly

London-based celebrity barber Mitch Fly is an internationally respected barber with skills that apply across racial differences. He is well known for his amazingly professional barber styling skills in tapering, fading, beard trims, razor edge ups and freestyle design techniques.

Mitch Fly has brought his game to another level, as he continues to push the boundaries of his profession. Mitch Fly is always striving to bring a unique feel to the profession of Barber Styling.

Welcome to - enjoy this creative world.


Mitch Fly is London City’s prolific, creative celebrity barber, with clients such as Busta Rhymes, Maxwell, Florida, French Montana, Joey Badass, B.O.B, Idris Elba, Iyanya, 9ice, and Director X, just to name a few. From music to film to sports personalities and many more, Mitch Fly provides immaculate services for everyone.

“Have you ever decided not to settle for OK and pushed yourself to achieving more than what was expected of you? Well then we are more than cut from the same cloth, simply because ‘just OK’ is not good enough for us.”                                                                       

Mitch Fly,  

Mitch Fly, a creative 80's born baby discovered a true love for art from a very early age. Through constantly drawing and creating new visual images, he decided to embark on one of his many life journeys, leading him to share with you one of his many talents. With skills and talents as gifts from the Most High, time will revel more...

Indubitably, one of London's barber elite, Mitch Fly has presented works of jaw-dropping art on the heads of his many clients, friends and associates – and with the most clinical of finishes – which illustrates the discipline, professionalism and prides he takes in his work.

As an art student at school, Mitch Fly also presented works of great interest, which has encouraged and acted as a driving force in the pursuit of his vision for modern cutting-edge barbering.

An inspiring and charismatic personality, Mitch Fly has also taught a number of individuals how to cut hair. He has been involved in youth projects across London City, mentoring and teaching his trade to encourage and empower the youth of today. Passing on barbering skills to give young people in his community an additional option for success in life is extremely important to Mitch Fly and his way of giving back.

In the near future, Mitch Fly will be supporting more projects in empowering youths from deprived communities and backgrounds to obtain additional life skills as well as professional skills, in a range of creative fields, in order to inspire brighter futures.

Mitch Fly a.k.a Mr Fly

Watch this space!



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